The Reason I Sing (1/3)

As the first Blog Post on this site I decided I should start at the beginning. (of music, that is)


The Early Years

I was not¬†a musical person. Sure I took some piano lessons when I was a kid and learned songs off of youtube in my spare time, but I didn’t really care. Music was not something that interested me in any sort of real way rather it was just a way of passing time. So what, then, changed my mind?

Well… It wasn’t some sudden connection with the lyrics, or the awesome feeling of seeing a concert; it was my friends. Out of nowhere they all apparently decided to learn instruments!¬†Suddenly I have two of my friends messing with electric guitar and piano and another on the drums.. it was all too much, I had to get in on this. So for my 16th Birthday my dad and I went out and bought me a blue, Fender Stratocaster that came with a small amp. I was pumped.

I took my new toy home and promptly learned the lick to Iron Man (the song not the movie), and before long was playing it over and over and over again. Now you may be thinking that certainly since I felt the awesome power of making music I’d be hooked! It was not so. You see, I was not a rocker, I had no interest in screaming metal leads or thick, driven rhythms. So there I was, a young man with no interest in rock, learning the electric guitar.


Needless to say I wasn’t going to quit entirely, after all what would my friends think! No I had to learn and grow and master this instrument to prove that I was just as good as them. It just so happened that the worship leader at my church, Mr. Phil Halstead, gave guitar lessons, and with my dad’s encouragement I started taking them.

Once a week I learned the ins and outs of guitar playing while also learning some basic music theory. As part of the learning process I had to pick some songs I liked so I could practice and play them. Songs… I like… Hmmmm. So I set out! I scoured my meager (When that was even a thing) list to find any songs with some guitar in them. There were a few but those soon became exhausted as I quickly learned them. Soon I realized I needed to expand my musical horizons.

Enter in the miracle of Spotify.

Now I’m not being paid to say this, I love Spotify. Once I realized that I could listen to practically any song I wanted to for free, and more importantly, that I could find related artists AND listen to their most popular songs in a second.. well. Hours were spent clicking on related artists and finding music that I actually enjoyed. My playlist started to grow and at the same time, so did my taste in music.

This story is continued in The Reason I Sing (Part 2).

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