The Reason I Sing (2/3)

This is part 2 of the summary of how I came to love music (and specifically worship).


A Series of Chances

In my last post I left off with me still learning. Basically that happened for a long time so I’m going to skip ahead, but here’s a summary: I learned electric guitar for about 2 years before picking up an acoustic and learning that for another 2 years or so. I took to the acoustic more as a lot of my favorite songs were acoustic, and as my callouses grew so did my skill. By Fall of 2011 I was feeling pretty confident.

It was that Fall where everything changed. My church’s youth-group goes on a camping trip once a year and I was going. As I packed a thought kept poking at my mind, suggesting that maybe I should bring my acoustic guitar, after all it was a camping trip. When I told my Dad he thought that it was a good idea as well so I packed it all up and headed to the church.

When I got there I didn’t even take it out of the car. I kept thinking ‘What am I doing?‘ and ‘I barely even know any songs‘. I had it in my head that it was a silly idea after all and proceeded to wait for everyone to show up for the trip. Right then one of my friends at church came walking up carrying a guitar. I hadn’t known that he one or that he had been playing for awhile. When he arrived with his guitar I immediately felt a ton more comfortable about bringing along my own guitar, so I did.

When we got to the campsite and had pitched the tents me and my friend sat down to play some stuff. Neither of us really knew the same songs (or how to jam at that point) but we took turns playing what we did. Around that time our youth pastor came up and plopped two binders down on the bench. They were filled with worship music and chord charts to play them, apparently someone had left them in the van from a previous trip. I opened them up and saw dozens of familiar songs that I had been singing for years in the youth-group.


Starting to Worship

While I had never played a worship song before I took to the challenge and quickly learned the chords and rhythms to my favorites. By evening I was having a lot of fun playing and singing these songs (albeit somewhat terribly). Then, after dinner, I was asked if I would play and lead us in worship. Play. And. Sing. In. Front. Of. Everybody. Well I was terrified. Something inside me though was pulling me to do it and amazingly I relented. That night I sang and played with the whole group of youth as we lifted up praise and worship to our God. Nothing but us, nature, and the Lord. It was beautiful.

I believe I did it again the second (and last) night as well and by that time I was a lot more confident, and more importantly, a lot more excited to do it. I had never been an outspoken or expressive person before but those nights I was able to freely sing out and tell God just how thankful, amazed, and in love with him I was. It was the best feeling in the world, and I felt like a mountain of weight was lifted off my chest.

Needless to say the trip ended, we drove back home, and things got back to normal. Almost. Something had changed.

This story is continued in The Reason I Sing (Part 3).

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