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The Reason I Sing (3/3)

This is the final part of my discovery of worship.


Back From Camp

I left off in the last post with me coming back from the camping trip and something was different. And something certainly was. The youth pastor had given me one of the binders and I took it home and poured over the songs. I had rarely sung in front of anyone, including my family, but now I just didn’t care, these songs were coming from my heart not my mouth and I wasn’t about to veer my heart from it’s joy. What I had found in these worship songs was what I had been missing all along, a real connection with God. Some people have it in nature, some have it in works, some have it in prayer, some have it in The Word, some have it in fellowship, some have it in the quiet, and I have it in music.

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The Reason I Sing (2/3)

This is part 2 of the summary of how I came to love music (and specifically worship).


A Series of Chances

In my last post I left off with me still learning. Basically that happened for a long time so I’m going to skip ahead, but here’s a summary: I learned electric guitar for about 2 years before picking up an acoustic and learning that for another 2 years or so. I took to the acoustic more as a lot of my favorite songs were acoustic, and as my callouses grew so did my skill. By Fall of 2011 I was feeling pretty confident.

It was that Fall where everything changed. My church’s youth-group goes on a camping trip once a year and I was going. As I packed a thought kept poking at my mind, suggesting that maybe I should bring my acoustic guitar, after all it was a camping trip. When I told my Dad he thought that it was a good idea as well so I packed it all up and headed to the church.

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The Reason I Sing (1/3)

As the first Blog Post on this site I decided I should start at the beginning. (of music, that is)


The Early Years

I was not a musical person. Sure I took some piano lessons when I was a kid and learned songs off of youtube in my spare time, but I didn’t really care. Music was not something that interested me in any sort of real way rather it was just a way of passing time. So what, then, changed my mind?

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